Storm Surge has produced educational videos on climate change for educators to use with middle and high school students. The video series shows how the causes and effects of changes in Earth’s climate have global impacts on humans, land and marine animals, plants, and the environment around us and how climate change has played a historical role in creating the Great Marsh adjacent to Newburyport.

Climate Change – It’s Natural and It’s Also Human shows how Earth’s natural greenhouse gas effect creates climate and makes it habitable for humans. The video explains how human-induced acceleration of climate warming was caused by increased burning of fossil fuels during the Industrial Revolution. The video ends with discussions about how we can help to reduce our own carbon dioxide emissions and slow the dramatic and dangerous warming effect that will occur if our current outputs continue unchecked. Local historic photos show how Newburyport’s industrial past contributed to global warming.

Climate change impacts on The Great Marsh along the Newburyport coastline are presented in two videos. The first, The Great Marsh, Part 1: Past and Present, shows how the marsh was formed following the last glacial retreat. It presents the marsh as an ecological system interacting with the humans, plants, birds and animals who use and experience it. The Great Marsh, Part 2: Our Future Together, discusses the role the Great Marsh will play for our community as the climate continues to change. After describing the impacts of climate change, including warming air and waters, rising seas, and increased storm frequency and intensity, we show how the Great Marsh may mitigate some of these impacts for our community. The Marsh will serve as a type of green infrastructure absorbing excess water and storing carbon. But unfortunately, the marsh itself is vulnerable to climate changes. The video ends with some thoughts about how we can help ourselves and the marsh.

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Climate Change: It’s Natural and It’s Also Human
Climate Change Video  

Climate Change
Instructional Guide

Climate Change Instructional Guide
The Great Marsh, Part 1:  Past and Present
Great Marsh, Part 1 Video Great Marsh, Part 1 Instructional Guide
The Great Marsh, Part 2:  Our Future Together
Great Marsh, Part 2 Video Great Marsh, Part 2 Instructional Guide



Climate Change: It’s Natural and It’s Also Human
Climate Change Video   Climate Change Instructors Guide
The Great Marsh, Part 1
The Great Marsh and
Climate Change
Great Marsh, Part 1 Video  Great Marsh, Part 1 Instructors Guide

The Great Marsh and Massachusetts
North Shore
Video   Great Marsh, Part 2 Instructors Guide