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Winter 2021

Retreat Plan for North Topsail Island Rob Young, PhD
Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines, Western Carolina University
3 Mar 2021

Fall 2020

Steven Whitman, EdD, AICP
Resilience Planning & Design
Elizabeth Kelly
Resilience Planning & Design
Permaculture Association of the Northeast
17 Dec 2020
Halvorson | Tighe and Bond Studio
19 Nov 2020
The Heat Is On:
Climate Change and Your Health
Ahmer Ibrahim, M.D.
Pentucket Medical Associates
15 Oct 2020

Summer 2020

Winds of Change – Offshore Amber Hewett, National Wildlife Federation 25 Jun 2020

Winter 2020

Blue Carbon: Lungs of the Sea Phil Colarusso, Ph.D., EPA diver 11 Feb 2020
Plum Island Erosion
. . . is it the Jetty?
Christopher Hein, Ph.D.
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
27 Dec 2019

Fall 2019

The “R” Word (Retreat).
When is it time to leave?
A.R. Siders, Ph.D, J.D.
University of Delaware
6 Nov 2019
Nature in Flux:
Managing Change at Parker River NWR
Nancy Pau, PRNWR Wildlife Biologist 16 Oct 2019
No Water,
No Sewer,
No Electricity . . .
What Do You Do?
Kristin Kelleher
Programs Director, CABA (Climate Action Business Association)
Christopher LeClaire
Newburyport Fire Chief, Emergency Management Director
17  Sep 2019

Spring 2019

Climate Change & Wind Power on the North Shore and Beyond Panel discussion with:
Bruce Egan, Meteorologist
Mike Morris, Storm Surge
Amber Hewett, National Wildlife Federation
29 May 2019
Lobster War Film screening followed by panel discussion with:
David Abel, Filmmaker
Mike Morris, Storm Surge
26 May 2019
Storm Surge Wave Tank Green Expo
11 Apr 2019
Climate Change and Resilience Eric Roberts, Nature Conservancy
Mike Morris, Storm Surge Sponsored by the Newburyport Public Library
2 Apr 2019
Carbon Footprint 101:
What is it? Why does it matter?
Debra Shepard, Principal & Owner of Riverstone Sustainability
23 Mar 2019
Decoding the Weather Machine, Part 2:
Climate Change Solutions
NOVA film followed by discussion 11 Mar 2019
Decoding the Weather Machine, Part 1:
The Case for Climate Change and its Effects
NOVA film followed by discussion 25 Feb 2019

Fall 2018

Fighting Back: Defending Science in a Time of Denial Andrew Rosenberg, Ph.D., Union of Concerned Scientists
Director of the Center for Science and Democracy
10 Dec 2018
Climate Change —The Innovation Opportunity of the 21st Century Cameron Wake, Ph.D., UNH
Josephine A. Lamprey Professor in Climate and Sustainability, UNH Sustainability Institute, Program Chair, Sustainability Dual Major
13 Nov 2018
Rise of the Superstorms NOVA film followed by discussion 15 Oct 2018

Spring 2018

Climate Reality: Real Facts
& What You Can Do About It
Robert Bonney, Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s (CCL), North Shore Chapter 31 Jan 2018

Fall 2017

The Next Big Storm: Preparing Newburyport for Extreme Weather Panel of Newburyport City Officials 7 Dec 2017
After the Storm: One Community’s Encounter with Hurricane Sandy Chris Raia, Toms River Police Department Officer, Retired 9 Nov 2017

Spring 2017

Coastal Processes Along Plum Island Matthew Shultz, PE, Senior Coastal Engineer, Woods Hole Group, Inc. 24 May 2017
Climate Café Climate Café is a community conversation about local climate issues, facilitated by our future leaders – students from our area high schools 13 May 2017
Ocean Acidification Professor George Buckley, Assistant Director of Sustainability Programs, Harvard University Extension School 26 Apr 2017
Coastal Adaptation: We Have No Plan Rob Young, PhD, Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines, Western Carolina University 29 Mar 2017

Fall 2016

Coastal Ecosystems: Our Best Shoreline Protection Michael R. Johnson, U.S. Department of Commerce NOAA Fisheries Habitat Conservation Division, Gloucester, MA 7 Dec 2016
Fun Science: Drones & Robotic Boats to Study Coastlines Peter A. Traykovski, Associate Scientist, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 2 Nov 2016

Spring 2016

How the 1800s Jetties Affected the Merrimack River Inlet Irene Watts, Coastal Engineer and Oceanographer, Florida Institute of Technology 8 Jun 2016
Water on the Waterfront: How Portsmouth and Gloucester Face the Future Rick Taintor, Planning Director, Portsmouth, NH and Rick Cademartori, Planning Director, Gloucester, MA 25 Apr 2016
Plum Island Point Erosion Explained Mike Morris, Chairman, Storm Surge 2 Feb 2016

Fall 2015

Plum Island: A Night at the Movies Viewing of 2 films: “Man and Nature” by Casey Atkins and “Plum Island, A Barrier Beach Under Stress” by Bill Sargent (link to 2nd film only) 2 Dec 2015
Massachusetts Hurricane Risk in a Changing Climate Kerry A. Emanuel, PhD, Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT 4 Nov 2015
Plum Island: Lessons from Nature Dennis Hubbard, PhD, Professor of Geology, Geology Department Chair, Oberlin College 21 Oct 2015

Spring 2015

Coastal Resilience of the North Shore 2015 Environmental Science Class, Essex Technical High School 29 Apr 2015
Poetry of New England Weather Data with Sculpture & Music Nathalie Miebach, Artist 4 Mar 2015
Storm Surge Art Exhibition Various Artists 6-28 Mar 2015

Fall 2014

Encroaching Tides: How Sea Level Rise & Flooding Threaten East Coast Communities Over the Next 30 Years Erika Spanger-Siegfried, Senior Analyst Climate and Energy, Union of Concerned Scientists 19 Nov 2014
The Next Storm: Understand the Risks and Be Prepared Mike Morris, Chairman, Storm Surge 29 Oct 2014
Reducing Risk through Enhancing Great Marsh Resiliency Peter Phippen, Coastal Resources Coordinator, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission & MassBays Estuary Program 1 Oct 2014

Spring 2014

The Pros & Cons of Coastal Erosion Control Jim O’Connell, Coastal Geologist / Coastal Processes Specialist / Certified Floodplain Manager 18 Jun 2014
Using Oysters to Protect Towns and Cities From Sea Level Rise Anamarija Frankić, PhD, University of Massachusetts, Boston 4 Jun 2014
Preparing for Sea Level Rise Kirk Bosma, Coastal Engineer, Woods Hole Group 21 May 2014
Shored Up: When Human Nature and the Force of Nature Collide Documentary film by Ben Kalina 7 May 2014
Investing Now to Prepare for Climate Impacts Wendi Goldsmith, Bioengineering Group, Salem, MA 16 Apr 2014
Rolling the Dice With Big Storms Mike Morris, Chairman, Storm Surge & Bob Thompson, Meteorologist in Charge, National Weather Service, Taunton, MA 3 Feb 2014

Fall 2013

How Do We Assess Coastal Vulnerability & Plan to Adapt? Paul Kirshen, PhD, University of New Hampshire 16 Dec 2013
Ocean Frontiers II: A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea Film and Discussion with Catherine Bowes, Program Manager, NE Offshore Wind Program, NWF; Chris Boelke, Field Office Supervisor, NOAA Fisheries Gloucester; and Mike Morris, Chairman, Storm Surge 2 Dec 2013
Changing Our Conversations about Our Changing World John Anderson, Director of Education at New England Aquarium 18 Nov 2013
Changing Climate, Changing Coasts Rob Thieler, PhD, Director – U.S. Geological Survey’s Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center 4 Nov 2013
Climate Change in New England: Past, Present and Future Cameron Wake, PhD, Research Professor Climatology and Glaciology, University of New Hampshire 21 Oct 2013
Sea Level Rise: The Plum Island Story William Sargent, Author, Storm Surge Committee Member, Coastlines Project Director 9 Oct 2013